16/06/2012 22:44
TRANSFER SCHEDULE , APPLICATION AND G.O 333(1).doc (219 kB )TRANSFERS G.O 333 H.EDN (IE.I), DT. 15.06.2012.doc (349,5 kB)

Inauguration of POCKET DIARIES and RAVI KIRANALU by Sri J.S.V PRASAD, I.A.S COMMISSIONER of intermediate education

11/10/2011 11:27
POCKET DIARIES and RAVI KIRANALU  had been successfully inaugurated by our respectable commissioner of intermediate education Sri J.S.V PRASAD I.A.S. GJLA, RAVI'S TEAM is very much thankful to commissioner for sparing his valuable time on this occasion


06/10/2011 21:40
APGJLA-RaviKiranalu.jpg (237,1 kB)

Lab Equipment format

26/09/2011 15:40
Copy of ._uploadedFiles_FORMAT SCIENCE LABORATROES IN GJCs(1).xls (84 kB)

GO 654

11/09/2011 21:52

CRs proforma for Jls to Principal promotions

09/09/2011 14:25

Automatic Advance Scheme 6/12/18/24

06/08/2011 11:54
AAS modified.pdf (154,6 kB)

Visitors notice

04/08/2011 08:59
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Website launched

04/08/2011 08:58
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